Born and raised in the Austin, Texas, area, I got an early start in front of the camera as a model. In addition, I discovered my love of acting at age five when I played Glynda in a production of the Wizard of Oz at Center Stage in Austin. 

I love getting up in front of people and being a part of a team. Throughout my life I have participated on swim teams, in theatre productions, and on a dance team. I am also a quick study, and my very good memory for lines, music, and lyrics is a big advantage. 

In addition to my stage roles, I have also appeared in film as well as in print and on the web for promotional purposes.  An image of me was sewn into the jacquard weave of a beach towel and shipped worldwide!

My training includes classes with KidsActing, Mona Lee Fultz, Toni Cobb-Brock, Sally Allen, and Donise Hardy.  I have also taken weekly voice lessons with Amy Williams Montes.

I am currently enrolled in the Gifted and Talented Program at my school and am a clarinet player in Honors Band as well as an officer on dance team. I have set USA Swim team records at Junior Olympics and broken the medley relay record twice for my summer league swim team.

Vanessa Kjeldsen